Parea can be self-hosted on your own infrastructure through Docker. Broadly, we support two configurations:

  • [Recommended] API: If you choose this option, then all of your data will be stored in the docker containers, and our servers will never be able to access it. However, you’ll still be able to visit Parea through, and your browser will communicate with the API server running in docker directly.
  • Full: a heavier-weight configuration that deploys the entire Parea application in a standalone fashion, including the API, web app, and auxiliary services. Choose the full configuration if you do not wish to rely on any centrally hosted components.

The primary difference between the two options is that the API configuration allows you to host the most sensitive data in docker, behind an API which changes infrequently (you need to update roughly 1-2 times per month), while allowing the Parea team to host the web app and metadata database which are updated multiple times per day. On the other hand, the full configuration allows you to host the webserver and metadata database in your own environment, ensuring total isolation, but with additional maintenance overhead. If you plan on self-hosting Parea, please reach out to us via email or schedule a meeting, so we can work out how to best support you.